Outbound email: Microsoft 365’s security blind spot


Microsoft 365 is the world’s go-to productivity platform – but its native security technology is limited in its ability to stop outbound email data breaches.

Outbound email is the leading cause of data loss across all industries and native Microsoft 365 security features aren’t intelligent enough to protect you from human-activated data loss.

Download your report today to gain insight into:

  • Why organizations using Microsoft 365 are leaking more data
  • The impacts Microsoft 365 businesses are feeling from email data loss
  • How remote working has accelerated the data loss trend
  • The key limitations of Microsoft 365’s DLP function
  • How to protect your organization with intelligent human layer security

Download your report now to learn more about Microsoft 365’s security blind spot.

Download Outbound email: Microsoft 365’s security blind spot Whitepaper

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