Staying Compliant While Growing Across Markets


DevonWay has employees all over the U.S., and when they decided to relocate an employee to the UAE, TriNet referred them to Globalization Partners. DevonWay is committed to legal compliance and ensuring that employees have all the resources and assistance needed, regardless of location. Hiring and relocating employees in another country can be extremely complex, especially if it involves the creation of a local entity. It is a resource-consuming task. “It is not feasible for us to create a local entity every time we hire or relocate an employee internationally,” said Laurel Timothy, Director of Finance & HR at DevonWay.

DevonWay turned to its Professional Employer Organization (PEO), TriNet, for employment advice, and TriNet connected DevonWay to Globalization Partners, a global Employer of Record. Globalization Partners has a team in the U.S. that communicates with DevonWay on the administrative side and an in-country HR team that works in parallel to support the employee in the UAE.

“We have customers all over the world. That is a big part of why we use TriNet and Globalization Partners in tandem. They help us to ensure that our amazing DevonWay employees are taken care of, regardless of location,” said Timothy.

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