Always Be Recruiting: Top 5 Insights For Sales Leaders

Why sales leaders are fueling their talent pipeline to drive revenue in 2023

Build your talent pipeline, hire faster, and achieve your revenue goals

Sales leaders are feeling the pressure to hit rising sales targets, but only 16% feel confident they have the talent to hit those numbers.

Why? Finding top sales talent is tougher than ever. Turnover is skyrocketing, especially in SaaS: 4x higher in 2021 than in 2019. Plus, two-thirds of sales professionals say they’d leave their current job to go somewhere else. That means it’s even easier for your best reps to get poached by the competition.

If you’re only thinking about recruiting when a seat in your territory is empty, you’re losing money and could be setting your business back months.

Successful sales leaders are consistently fueling their talent pipeline so they always have access to a pool of qualified candidates – people they’ve already screened and nurtured – so they can reach out immediately when they have an opening.

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