Reimagine Marketing Collaboration: Remove Barriers To Better Output

For many CMOs and other marketing leaders, 2020 may have had you saying, “Can we hit the reset button?”

COVID-19 thrust the world into an altered state where sheltering in place, remote working, virtual events, and adopting modern technology all became the new normal. Simultaneously, consumer buying habits needed to change to adhere to the new health and safety rules, forcing companies around the world to quickly adapt or risk going out of business.

Within organizations it has fallen on the marketing teams to maximize their efficiencies, an imperative that has been exacerbated by the pandemic. With so many brick and mortar locations on lockdown, retailers have been especially hard hit while B2C and D2C companies have had to pivot too. To compete and survive, many organizations have upped their advertising spends — an amount that has spiraled up into the billions across multiple channels.

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