IT Service Desks Aren’t Meeting the Needs of the Hybrid Workforce

With phone, email, and tickets still being the primary ways that employees get help from IT, it is fair to say that employee self-help hasn’t evolved much since 1992. Attempts at self-service portals have historically failed and today’s world has only become more complex with the 7/24 demands of a hybrid workforce.

Some enterprises have tried to automate employee self-help by building their own virtual agents, but without adequate time and resources, those efforts have not delivered on the promise. Employees expect virtual agents to be as strong as Amazon Alexa, but that isn’t possible without an advanced language model fed by an enormous amount of data.

In this webinar, guest speaker William McKeon-White, Forrester analyst, and Pat Calhoun, founder and CEO of Espressive, will discuss this dilemma along with the opportunities and challenges in charting a path to automating your IT service desk.

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