Apple’s Stock Popped briefly on a report that it is developing its own equivalent of ChatGPT

Apple stock popped for a short time after Bloomberg News reported that the firm is internally developing its own artificial intelligence large language model.

The move signifies Apple is taking advanced steps in AI technology and is thinking of integrating AI into its future products.

Apple rarely uses the ‘artificial intelligence’ term and mostly prefers using the academic term ‘machine learning’.

For the last year, large language models have fascinated technologists and investors.

According to the Bloomberg News report, Apple’s internal foundation for AI named Ajax and a group of engineers have built a chatbot called Apple GPT.

Access to this chatbot is restricted within Apple.

Apple might be late to join the LLM trend, but according to the report, some Apple staffers believe the firm is aiming for a major AI announcement next year.

Aside from large language models, Apple uses machine learning in its products a lot.