Apple CEO Says, We are looking at ChatGPT Closely

Apple CEO Tim Cook expressed that he is using ChatGPT and is enthusiastic about the AI Chabot’s unique applications. Cook said, “While Apple clearly integrates AI into its products today, the public doesn’t necessarily think about those features as artificial intelligence. The...

Alibaba Starts Rollout of its ChatGPT-style Technology

Alibaba recently started rolling out its ChatGPT-style technology as Chinese companies look to take an edge in the artificial intelligence space. Last month, Alibaba revealed its large language model as Tongyi Qianwen — a system that is trained on massive amounts of...
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Key Fed inflation increased by 0.4% in January, up 2.8% from a year ago

Inflation increased in January as expected, according to a key indicator the Federal Reserve uses when deciding whether to...
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