Apple CEO Says, We are looking at ChatGPT Closely

Apple CEO Tim Cook expressed that he is using ChatGPT and is enthusiastic about the AI Chabot’s unique applications.

Cook said, “While Apple clearly integrates AI into its products today, the public doesn’t necessarily think about those features as artificial intelligence. The company is looking at ChatGPT closely.”

Cook added, “Large language models, the AI tools that power chatbots like ChatGPT and Bard show great promise but also the potential for things like bias, things like misinformation maybe worse in some cases.”

The Apple CEO also offered his opinions on regulation and guardrails on AI.

Cook said, “If you look down the road, then it’s so powerful that companies have to employ their own ethical decisions. Regulation will have a difficult time staying even with the progress on this because it’s moving so quickly. So, I think it is incumbent on companies as well to regulate themselves.” 

Apple CEO’s statements came one day after Apple’s annual developer conference, WWDC, where Apple touted new applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.